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For more information . . .

I get asked quite often about the research I do for my books. Now, I LOVE research. Love it. If I weren’t a writer, I would be a historian, I love diving into the primary sources and scholarly studies and archaeology reports SO MUCH. I can go to the library and come out with a 3 foot high stack of books (just ask my poor husband who has to carry them home) and feel like my birthday has come early.

So, yes, I do tons of research. Tons that never even makes it into the books, because of course as a writer you want to avoid at all costs the dreaded ‘info dump’. Or as Diana Gabaldon famously puts it, the “I’ve done the research and now you’re going to pay” mentality.

I have all these ideas for pages I could make on this website: all sorts of articles and essays with the research that doesn’t make it into the books. More on Dark Age history, more on the settings of the Twilight of Avalon trilogy. But . . . I have these two little curly-haired girls:


(me with curly haired girl #2)

And I also have this part of my brain that demands writing time each day. A part of my brain that sits in a grumpy huddle if it does not get to spend part of the day immersed in a story. I keep trying to convince this part of my brain that making new non-fiction pages for my website counts as writing time. This grumpy part of my brain is not convinced. In fact, it threatens dire consequences if it is asked to go without writing time on days when I have to nurse the baby while taking a plunger to the toilet that my three year old has clogged while also helping said three year old to untangle herself from the shirt she has gotten stuck over her head. (True story). So . . . I don’t yet have any fancy new pages with in-depth essays on the history behind my books. Not yet.

BUT, this is when it is amazingly wonderful to have friends. Because my fantastic writing partner Sarah Woodbury runs a blog in which she posts weekly about various topics related to Welsh history. And for these weeks leading up to the release of Dark Moon of Avalon, she is blogging about topics related specifically to Dark Moon. I’m going to make these links permanent on the Dark Moon page, but for now, take a wander over to her site to read more about the position of women in Dark Age Britain, Dinas Emrys, where Merlin famously uncovered warring dragons buried under the ground, and much, much more.

Thanks, Sarah! (from me and my grumpy writer brain). You’re the best!

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One Response to “For more information . . .”

  1. Laura Says:
    September 6th, 2010 at 4:04 am

    Hi Anna aka Grumpy Brain…

    Thanks for posting Sarah’s blog…I’m already excited! So interesting!

    Also; looking forward to reading your next short novel AND Dark Moon…all too close now, where has this year gone?

    Love your photo with “little curly girl No.2″ so cute!

    Love & Hugs


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