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10 True Things About My Father

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! Including, of course, my father-in-law and my sweet little girls’ daddy! But since I am a horrible daughter and got completely caught by surprise by Father’s Day being today, of all times (long story involving our thinking Father’s day was last weekend, finding out it was not, and then me kind of going, Oh, okay, scratch that off my list of things to worry about this week) I will devote this blog to telling you 10 true things about my own Dad.


1. When I was really, really small, like two and three years old, we had a nightly ritual called ‘Piggy Back Time’ wherein my dad would carry me piggy-back and dance all around the kitchen with me. We had our own special ‘Piggy Back Time’ song that went along with it, which mostly involved singing ‘Piggy Back Time’ over and over. I thought it was AWESOME.

2. When I was a bit older, like maybe 6, my dad and I had our own club, called the TMC, which was short for the Trick Mommy Club. We had our own theme song for that, too. And our own secret signals that meant we had to have a meeting. As far as I can remember, our club meetings mostly involved jumping out at my mom and shouting ‘Boo!’ and eating a lot of candy. I thought it was AWESOME.

3. He loves Robert Frost poems. I can remember him reciting Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and other Frost poems from memory to me as a bedtime story.

4. But my favorite bedtime stories that he read to me were Life With Father by Clarence Day and Sherlock Holmes stories. We must have read the entire cannon of Sherlock Holmes stories half a dozen times.

5. My dad is also a huge James Bond fan. When I was in grade school, my mother was in a singing group that met every Sunday night. I LOVED this, because it meant that on Sunday nights my dad and I would watch a James Bond movie. These were VHS tapes taped off of television, so edited for the more ‘adult’ content and to fit in the commercials. For YEARS I thought that James Bond movies simply made absolutely no sense because these abridged versions were all I’d ever seen. Anyway, my bedtime was theoretically like 8:30 or so, but I could always talk my dad into letting me stay up to finish the movie. We’d hear the garage door go up at 10:00, signaling that my mother was home, and I’d go streaking up the stairs and dive into bed before she could walk in the door.

6. He loves A E Houseman poems, too. When I was a senior in high school he talked me into doing my AP English term Paper on A E Houseman. We have a great picture which I wish I could find now of me at 17 in a ratty old bathrobe sitting with my dad and poring over ‘A Shropshire Lad’ a couple of days before the paper was due when I was in crunch-time mode.

7. I would never have started writing fiction if it hadn’t been for him. I wanted to write. But I was always afraid to, until I had to write a senior thesis during my last year of college and my dad essentially said, ‘You are writing a novel’, drove me to the computer store, bought me a laptop to write on, and then talked me through every step of the outlining process until I was too much in love with my story to do anything but write it.

8. At the book launch when Twilight of Avalon came out last year, I was 6-months-pregnant-and-crying-at-toilet-paper-commercials. I knew I’d never get through reading the prologue to my book out loud to an audience, so my dad stepped in and did it for me. He was amazing, too.


9. Even though I am a horrible daughter as per above and am essentially getting him a blog post today for Father’s Day, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that he would rather have this than my other option, which was to tell him that the set of nesting doll measuring cups from Anthropologie I got my mom for Mother’s Day were actually for both of them.


10. I am the luckiest EVER to have had him as a Dad for 31 years, now! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!!

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