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10 True Things About My Husband

Last year on our anniversary, I posted this story. Hard to top that for sheer toe-curling embarrassment. So this year, I will tell you 10 true things about this man I married.

1. When we were in college, I did a summer study in London and Nathan flew in to visit the last week I was there. We visited Greenwich and took a picture at the Prime Meridian, Nathan in one hemisphere and me in the other. And for my birthday that year he had the picture framed opposite the John Donne poem that reads:

My face in thine eye, thine in mine appears,
And true plain hearts do in the faces rest ;
Where can we find two better hemispheres
Without sharp north, without declining west ?
Whatever dies, was not mix’d equally ;
If our two loves be one, or thou and I
Love so alike that none can slacken, none can die.

I had it on the wall of my dorm room and had serious boyfriend envy from all the girls who visited my room that year, believe me.

2. His first car was a 1973 Dodge Dart, bought from a pair of little old ladies he knew who had only driven it to church and back and now could no longer drive and couldn’t afford to keep it. He bought it while I was away in England and I remember talking to him over a really bad long-distance connection asking him what kind of car it was and him saying, “You’re going to kill me.” I kind of liked it, though. And whenever I drove anywhere after we were married I would be surrounded by older men exclaiming, “Wow, that car is a CLASSIC!”

3. I like his hair a bit longer than he does, and to humor me he didn’t cut it for a few weeks before our wedding. With the result that after the ceremony his aunt came up to congratulate him with the words, “Nathan, you need a haircut. But have a nice life.”

4. When we were picking out (really inexpensive) wedding rings at the jewelry store across from our college dorm, I saw a necklace on display and totally fell in love. Then realized that the stones were, in fact, actual diamonds, and said, Right, not happening. Which was totally okay; there’s a time in life for diamond necklaces and just-married-while-still-in-college is probably not it, I was completely fine with that. But on our one year anniversary I came home to our little 1-bedroom apartment and Nathan gave me a jewelry box with that exact necklace inside.

5. He has no internal clock. None. It was beaten out of him by years as a physics major, and he still has the ability to stay up all night indefinitely and/or crash whenever he has a few minutes break. This makes him very handy to have around when there’s a newborn baby in the house.

6. He really hates anything sticky on his hands. Like, really a lot. All anyone wanting to get information out of him would have to do would be to coat his fingers with jelly and then offer him soap and a wet paper towel in exchange for agreeing to talk.

7. He taught our older girl to recognize every airplane in his ‘Encyclopedia of World Air Power’ book by the time she was two. He also read her books about rockets and space exploration as bedtime stories. When she and I were drawing with chalk on the brand new chalkboard my mum had just gotten her I asked what I should draw and she said, “Draw Sky Lab!” Really.

8. He reads computer books for fun. Novels? Not so much. He always has some really intelligent, interesting feedback to give me about mine, though.

9. I just had a play date with a neighborhood mom who had met Nathan and traded contact information because, as she put told me, “Our kids are the same ages and he looked so steam-rollered that I could relate.” But he was out there, juggling our infant and toddler, getting them out of the house so that I could have some uninterrupted writing time. Bless him.

10. As of tomorrow, we will have been married for TEN YEARS. I sure love him.

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3 Responses to “10 True Things About My Husband”

  1. Daphne Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    He sounds like a really great guy – congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. jennygirl Says:
    June 16th, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Happy Anniversary! It’s the things you do for one another, and say about one another, that show your true love. Your love for each other shines through. Enjoy your anniversay.

  3. Stay Tuned . . . Says:
    September 2nd, 2010 at 11:24 am

    [...] husband did all the cover art and typesetting. Did I mention that? And I didn’t even have to coat his fingers with jelly to get him to do it. He is just so great. Do I deserve him? Wait, don’t answer [...]

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